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16th November 2017

What is worse than unwillingly skipping gym? Having your feet consumed by blisters larger than two fifty cent pieces. I’m walking like I have a stick up my ass right now – glory days.

On a brighter less gnarly note, it’s exactly four days until I get to witness Champaign Papi in the flesh. Words cannot begin to describe how excited I am to witness Drake in his element – more so for me to be in my element.

I haven’t heard from creepy guy in a few days, probably another drop dead guy that I someohow continue to attract. I really should write a book on how to attract assholes that drop you like a bad smell, it’s not even like I attract fuckboys, these guys seem genuinely great – I just cannot keep a guy long enough to say goodnight and probably never will be able to. What woes…

Blisters and Chapaign Papi tho, not so woe like.

This has been a severely short post, but I literally have no gossip for y’all.

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