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Yours Truly

I may have only roamed the earth for just over two decades, but I have a voice.

This blog may just be a load of rambling bitch sessions or opinionated sentences, but it’s my diary as such. Hand-written diaries are not my forte, but this blog – it’s part of me and it’s allowed me to express my thoughts through a medium that I’m fond of.

I often write about my friends experiences if not my own – I say it how I see it.

The short and short of it all is that this is the diary I can look back on in ten years time, a documentation of my adult life and the shitty experiences that the world has to offer.

I do not mention names just for the sake of privacy but I do shame those who work their way into my bad books. I’m not even sorry for it. It’s like an anonymous letter to the idiots that I encounter.

I’m sure many of you will enjoy your read – if you laugh, even better!