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Category: August 2015

Old Woman

As a person that’s pretty content with life and happy with my body image, I love to indulge in the nastiest of habits and convince myself that it’ll disappear later. Okay, so maybe chocolate isn’t THAT bad a habit, but … Continue Reading Old Woman


Throughout my years as a teenager, drama was my middle name and the more I uncounted it, the more I came to loathe it. The amount of dramatic experiences I’ve witnessed and experienced has led me to literally feel like … Continue Reading Stalker


Seven whole days since I re-joined the Tinder cult. Friends told me not to, but my blog told me to totally do it. But I don’t really have any stories yet, the limitations that I set for myself have restricted … Continue Reading Casual

Round Two

Well, it’s been something like 48 hours since I re-joined Tinder. I’ve swiped left and right and there are quite a few glorious conversations so far. Part of me opted back in for the sake of my entertaining blog posts, … Continue Reading Round Two


When it comes to males and the attention I receive, I often wonder if I’m speaking English because they just don’t seem to comprehend a few things. I feel like I’m literally speaking to a brick wall. I’m the type … Continue Reading Attention

The Break-Up

Break-ups are not fabulous. It’s time and effort and unless the break up is mutual, it’s only natural to feel like you wasted time on that person. But how the relationship ends – whether it be short-lived or long-lived – … Continue Reading The Break-Up


Things just fall into my lap, I mean to this day I have still never used a resume when it comes to a job. They say you can have anything if you put your mind to it. When we were … Continue Reading Dream


Can someone please find a way to kill any and every generation of the god damn common cold? I thought my immune system was solid but apparently it has gone into hiding and betrayed me. The common head cold is … Continue Reading Germs


Age is just a number. Half the world thinks I look fifteen, the other half think I’m twenty-five. They usually presume I’m younger before I speak, before they know me. I then gain a few years after a conversation and … Continue Reading Age


A good friend of mine recently searched for a guy to call hers, and I was searching for the same thing. However she has since found her guy, sent me a dozen couple Snapchat’s and it’s sickening. But I will … Continue Reading Label