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Category: December 2015


In exactly six hours, 2016 will be here – we Australians are such early birds. I can’t say I have any plans for the evening to come, my closest all have prior commitments. It’s just me and the chances of … Continue Reading Tragedy


Well whilst you all endure Adele’s emotional ‘Hello’, I must remind each and every one of you that sometimes you need to say goodbye. Goodbye can be good and it can be bad, it depends purely on the nature of … Continue Reading Goodbye


I am a self-confessed shopaholic. Savings are a myth. My wardrobe has a particular colour spectrum – close to 80% is black. Black is slimming. I own shoes – many for that fact. Upwards of fifty pairs, with no intention … Continue Reading Confession

Nice Guys

What’s it like to look for love when no one else is looking? Well, I’m sure one of my closest friends can detail exactly what it’s like better than I can. My friend has endured multiple heartbreaks throughout 2015. In … Continue Reading Nice Guys

Define Your Face

Recently, I’ve been the topic of conversation at my mother’s coffee table discussions. My mother sips her coffee with one of her lifelong friends whom has a granddaughter in her mid-teens. For a while now my mother has always returned … Continue Reading Define Your Face