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Category: May 2015


Firstly; We are human. We are not perfect. We all have flaws – in fact if you don’t have flaws then somethings not right with you. Secondly; Since when is team spelt with an ‘i’ in it? Listen up people, … Continue Reading Perfection


Feminism; [noun] 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. 2. an organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women. People claim to not be a feminist and some … Continue Reading Feminism


What doesn’t seem like too long ago, I was bullied. Bullied twice by the same person in a matter of three years with a significant gap between both incidences. It was at a low point in my life, not exactly … Continue Reading Bully


Dear Old Friend, Not sure exactly why I’m writing this. Not sure what to exactly say either. This is probably well overdue and I doubt you’ll even read this – let’s be honest. So anyway, I was browsing Net-A-Porter and … Continue Reading Sorry


Okay, so role models are great. We all have one or two or a dozen – you get the point. But for those few people having a rant about how little a role model Kylie Jenner is being to her … Continue Reading Muse


There’s always one person in your life that seems to always be picking up after you, when you’re young your parents or older sisters clean up after you create a pig-sty. As you get older, I’ve found that there are … Continue Reading Cake


“Your body is perfect.” Well sure it is, and whilst I am no size 6 or whatever tall supermodels are, I would like to point out that I’m human. People are promoting a positive body image and that’s great and … Continue Reading Body