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Category: October 2015


When you’re a young adolescent human being, relationships used to be some cute thing and your friends would adore the fact you had a guy. They would even accept being ranked lower in you top eight friends on MySpace just … Continue Reading Hope

19 October 2015

When I was a young girl, I announced to my family and a hundred other humans at my dance concert that I wanted to be a giraffe when I grew up. This creature is so beautiful and unique that I … Continue Reading 19 October 2015


Knowingly being the center of controversy isn’t the greatest thing in this small world. I mean what power do you have? I received two messages yesterday, one stated I was a hypocrite and the other stated I was a disrespectful … Continue Reading Respect


My birthday weekend has ended, but my sleep deprivation hasn’t. I celebrated with an intimate dinner with my closest of pals and family. It was a catch up for some and a meeting for others. A lot of laughter was … Continue Reading Twenty-One