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Category: October 2016


Scrollaxing [verb]; To scroll through all of your personal email and social media on your couch or bean bag at the end of a hard day. You find this to be an effective way to decompress or chill. “I’ll be … Continue Reading Scrollaxing


So every person is prone to a hissy fit or a grumpy attitude, heck I live for my numerous grumpy days. But whilst there isn’t necessarily a time and a place for either option, one usually limits them to the … Continue Reading Hustlers

Common Sense

Today, I’ve decided to rant about absolutely everything and anything. It might not make sense and the chances of any two paragraphs meshing together are beyond slim, but I need to hash it out – ya feel? Stage One; Public … Continue Reading Common Sense


Annually, on the tenth day of the tenth month we recognise International Mental Health Day. A day dedicated to the education, awareness and advocacy of mental health. On the tenth day of the tenth month, I also celebrate my birthday. … Continue Reading Twenty-Two