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An Open Letter

In the final week of February I waved goodbye to my independence as my first car was sent to auction for parts. During this time in my life, people asked me if I was okay physically but only one person … Continue Reading An Open Letter


The Fifth Label has once again, released a new collection of finely detailed pieces with the modern street vibe. I’ll … Continue Reading Unison


Twelve years ago I begun playing a sport o which I’ve grown to love, basketball. It’s an international sport, a sport in which my whole family speaks the language of. In my second ever game of basketball in under 10s, … Continue Reading Retired

Exaggerate Yo Self

Over the duration of the past few weeks, I’ve had an awful lot of bad luck and I’d like to personally thank a handful of my favourite people – parents included – for lending a helping hand. Of course, I’ve … Continue Reading Exaggerate Yo Self

The Worst

I have a habit of recounting all my embarrassing moments to practically anyone and everyone, I don’t care if I’ve only known you for a few milliseconds of my life. I’m more than certain that I’ll spill the beans on … Continue Reading The Worst

Chocoholic Singles

Welcome to February, the final month of the Melbournian summer – whatever that may be. For those who have no clue what the weather is like down under, basically it can be described as a years’ worth of seasons in … Continue Reading Chocoholic Singles