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Daily Struggles

Living a lifestyle that doesn’t have the ability to provide you with a single smidge of negativity is almost impossible. I think of pure happiness as an impossible feat given there are such simple actions, events and objects than can … Continue Reading Daily Struggles

Nothing Exciting Here

“That’s all it is”, my new catch phrase. It doesn’t really resemble much of great significance but it does imply a notion of moving forward. We cannot simply do so without cutting ties with our past and developing a present … Continue Reading Nothing Exciting Here

Victim’s of Fashion

There’s nothing worse than seeing people wear things they simply just shouldn’t. There’s a teenager that all my pals mutually follow on social media – Instagram to be exact. This girl never had a toned figure but rather flaunted her … Continue Reading Victim’s of Fashion

5 May 2017

Welcome to May, five whole months into 2017 and only seven months to go. Of course I’m counting down for 2018, this year has not been my year so to hell with 2017! It is however only four and a … Continue Reading 5 May 2017

An Open Letter

In the final week of February I waved goodbye to my independence as my first car was sent to auction for parts. During this time in my life, people asked me if I was okay physically but only one person … Continue Reading An Open Letter


The Fifth Label has once again, released a new collection of finely detailed pieces with the modern street vibe. I’ll … Continue Reading Unison


Twelve years ago I begun playing a sport o which I’ve grown to love, basketball. It’s an international sport, a sport in which my whole family speaks the language of. In my second ever game of basketball in under 10s, … Continue Reading Retired

Exaggerate Yo Self

Over the duration of the past few weeks, I’ve had an awful lot of bad luck and I’d like to personally thank a handful of my favourite people – parents included – for lending a helping hand. Of course, I’ve … Continue Reading Exaggerate Yo Self