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Time is a mother fucking bitch. I wouldn’t say I’m a supremely patient person, like I wouldn’t rank it as one of my top ten traits but we all have to twiddle our thumbs and bite our tongues at some … Continue Reading Fibber


So it’s been a while since I actually wrote a little something, something. But I’ve had the sudden urge to just let it all out and there is a high chance it’ll backfire on me but shit happens and life … Continue Reading Finito


So every person is prone to a hissy fit or a grumpy attitude, heck I live for my numerous grumpy days. But whilst there isn’t necessarily a time and a place for either option, one usually limits them to the … Continue Reading Hustlers

Common Sense

Today, I’ve decided to rant about absolutely everything and anything. It might not make sense and the chances of any two paragraphs meshing together are beyond slim, but I need to hash it out – ya feel? Stage One; Public … Continue Reading Common Sense